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I... I always wondered what happens when you transfer a Pokémon...

Just a few thoughts, from the voices i can tell your a child, so I'll try to be a bit more layed back. I can tell you like drawing, but before you post a full blown animation, you might want to practice a bunch more, to make sure the animation is fluid, and non repetitive, and for starters, you might want to see if you can invest in a better program, such as a 30 day trial of flash animate. and for sound quality, you might not be able to afford much, so i wont hassle you on the quality of that, but for your voices, you may want to work on them a bit more, if you really like what you do. continue doing what your doing, just work on it a bit more, okay? good luck.

K-M-SAnimations responds:

This is old animation from January...
This is Flash... and
Thanks !

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Just a bit of a graphic error, but when you get to the area with the desk, chair, clock, and paper, when you click the chair,and it goes to the side, the paper is still in front of the chair, instead of the chair being in front of the paper, just a little note, nothing big.

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I really like the concept of it, and I'm sure when more people start to notice it, it will be great, cause' all it needs right now is a few more people to play it with, good job, i really like the character designs, maybe you could add a few more attacks later on :D

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I've never asked myself this question so much... Am I, on the ball?

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Get on the ball!

I like spending time making games every once in a while, its more of a hobby than anything else, but i enjoy it.

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